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Hallmark Movies in Our Neighbourhood

Hallmark has loved our neighbourhood and we wanted to share the magic that they create with you!


Follow along on our Instagram as every Monday there is a film feature with the houses in the Mt Lehman Christmas Home Tour. Click HERE to see the account and follow along behind the scenes! 

We are excited to announce that we will be doing a QR code scavenger hunt throughout the houses to show how the movies used the spaces. So you can see where the actors sat, how they decorated and can better imagine the movies in the spaces. 

Below see 24 out of the films that have used this Mt Lehman neighbourhood. 

Hallmark movies in Mt Lehman Neighbourhood.png

A few snapshots from movies:  

Hallmark Scavenger Hunt

When you wander through the homes, see where your favourite Hallmark actors have sat and filmed some of the best moments. 

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